111 referral standard

PRSB have been commissioned by NHSX to develop a 111 Referral Standard.

In 2018, the PRSB produced a report on urgent care information flows. This identified the high-level requirements for an information standard for 111 Clinical Assessment Services (CAS) referrals and has been validated by an expert group as the basis for the standard.

What we aim to do 

The aim of the project is to develop a standard for referral information from 111 that is useful to the receiver wherever the patient is directed to next. This could be a wide range of services from pharmacies, dentists and other primary care services through to same day emergency care or ambulance services. This will cover referrals from 111 through to clinicians and call handlers.

PRSB has existing standards for clinical referral information (GP referral to secondary care) and ambulance handover to emergency departments and we expect the majority of the 111-referral standard to use these similar existing modules. In parallel, NHS Digital are managing a pilot for 111 to Emergency Departments, which will feedback into the standards development.

Discovery work is now focusing on the referral where it is not through a clinician and considering how the required information can be provided from the Pathways triage systems. We are at the same time considering how the 111 report (or Post Event Message (PEM)) can be improved, which provides a notification to the person’s GP about their 111 contact.

Delivery dates

The standard development is expected to be commissioned in May 2021 following the current discovery phase, with consultation taking place in June-August 2021. Final drafts to be completed in autumn 2021.