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The PRSB develops and helps implement standards for the structure and content of health and social care records. These cover, for example, hospital referral letters, handover communications, discharge summaries, and inpatient and outpatient letters.
Why do we need care records?
Care record standards exist to improve the safety and quality of health and social care, in particular to ensure that the right information is recorded correctly, in the right place, and can be accessed easily, by any authorised person who needs it, wherever they are.
Our vision and mission
Our vision: To optimise the health of UK citizens through the definition and widespread adoption of high quality, standardised records. Our mission: To become the authoritative voice for the development and widespread use of standards that ensure all electronic health and social care records are of the highest quality.
Why our work matters
The long term goal is that people who use services will only have to share information once, and their records will be available in every care setting including at home. In addition to helping professionals to provide safe and effective care, this also means that people have access to their own records and can take greater control of their care. The information collected from people can also be used to make care better for the future through audit of existing treatments and services, improving the quality of care and research so we know more about illnesses and develop new and better treatments and care options.
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Find out more about our work

Find out more about our work in our About us leaflet

What are people saying about us?

Jonathan Lloyd Jones
“I am the branch manager at a pharmacy in Wales and we have started using the PRSB e-discharge summaries sent from hospitals to help their patients better understand their medications. “Often patients are very vulnerable and are taking medications we need to prepare in advance. We have had positive feedback from patients, who like that someone calls them after discharge and explains the processes for their medication.”

Tony Prosser
“My wife Tricia and I are parents to a son with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Information sharing between different services can be a challenge and we would love to see the PRSB standards put into practice across all of health and social care. It will make the jobs of professionals easier and also make care safer and more effective for my son.”

Iza Gill
“My husband is in the army and we frequently move, which can make continuity of care more difficult for our son, who has additional needs due to his autism. Having PRSB standards would mean that information could be shared any time or place and that my son would get safe and effective care when we move, without having to repeat his needs to different services.”