Creating standards for health and social care records

Care record standards exist to improve the safety and quality of health and social care. They ensure that the right information is recorded correctly and can be accessed easily. 

Personalised care gives people choice and control

“When we look back over the years, it’s not difficult to see that the progress in medicine has been enormous.”

“There is still so much we can do to further improve the delivery of healthcare. One way is through person-centred care, which gives people more control and choice.”

James Sanderson, Director of Community Health Services, NHS England

Data saves lives - how information-sharing and recording can help transform social care

“With the constant transfer of people between health and social care settings, it is important that the information flows from one system to another, in order for the person to receive the best care possible. Integration and interoperability are crucial to this.”

Katie Thorn, Project Lead at Digital Social Care 

Partnering with PRSB to accelerate standards adoption across the health and care system

PRSB is supporting Yorkshire and Humber Care Record’s mission through its Standards Partnership Scheme, which provides expert guidance and advice to health and care providers and suppliers as they implement the standards. 

The PRSB is adept at building effective and constructive relationships through the Standards Partnership Scheme.”

Lee Rickles, CIO Network Advisory Board Member 

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