This toolkit is for the implementation of Personalised Care and Support Planning with Health and Social Care organisations


This Implementation Toolkit has been developed to help you through the adoption and implementation of the Personalised Care and Support (PCSP) Standard as part of your broader transformation agenda. The Personalised Care and Support Plan (PCSP) Standard was updated in 2021 to ensure it met the needs of adults who live with severe mental health conditions in the community. 

The materials and resources are intended to support you in your own PCSP standard implementation project. Adoption of the PCSP Standard will help you share information across and between services to support individuals in adult community mental health services to stay well and live the best lives they can at home or in supported accommodation. 

The Toolkit is comprised of detailed resources to assist you with specific aspects of the change and transformation process required for the provision of high quality and personalised patient care.

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Community Mental Health Planning - a new PRSB standard Video (6 mins)

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This toolkit will help different health and care professionals to provide personalised and the same standard of care plans for mental health patients. 

It will also help: 

• Transformational senior leaders

• Project/Programme managers 

to understand the Personalised Care and Support Plan (PCSP)

Why is it important? 

Using these resources will help you engage effectively with key stakeholders as you implement the PCSP standard to provide high-quality and personalised care.



The toolkit provides direct links to various policy documents and websites from PRSB and NHS. The materials in this Toolkit were developed in consultation with the two Mental Health Trusts which were supported by PRSB in their implementation journey. The materials and resources are intended to support you in your own PCSP standard implementation project. 


This toolkit draws on two models used to define major projects and system change; The Roadmap model and the Convoy model (see right).

You can work towards improved personalised care and support planning which better meets people’s needs and enables information sharing by working through the structured approach suggested in {this guide – hyperlink to the ‘creating the Roadmap for Change section} to creating a Roadmap and Convoy for Implementing the Personalised Care and Support Plan (PCSP) standard.

The Roadmap Model Approach

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The Roadmap Model Aproach

Ensures that the widespread transformation required for systematic change on multiple fronts is moving in the same direction with a common destination in sight. This change process has: 1. a starting point 2. an intended destination and a clear purpose 3. clearly defined parameters and roles and responsibilities This change process is iterative and rarely a simple linear progression.

The Convoy Model Approach

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The Convoy Model Aproach

Divides major projects into elements or workstreams for a successful conclusion. We might envision these elements as part of a "convoy" of vehicles for change. The journey will not be complete until all parts of the convoy have arrived, but realities and constraints might mean each element may move at a slightly different speed from the other and may follow different specialist routes along the way. The journey is complete only when the slowest moving part of the convoy has arrived at the destination.