The PRSB develops national standards for the structure and content of health and social care records. These cover, for example, hospital referral letters, handover communications, discharge summaries, and inpatient and outpatient letters.

Our care record standards are widely accepted and endorsed across the UK.

New interactive standards viewer

New on the website is our interactive tool to help view our standards in more detail. You can now navigate through the headings and sub headings to view each area of a standard. The viewer is designed for a desktop or tablet device.

Features and benefits

  • Quickly view contents of a standard without the need to scroll through long spreadsheets
  • Search by Mandatory, Required and Optional fields
  • Search standards for specific words or definitions
  • Quick links for supporting documents, endorsing bodies, NHS Digital technical specificiations
  • Downloads available for full information models.

Quick user guide

  1. Each standard will have a link called 'Contents'. Select this tab (shown below) and you will see a list of main headings on the left of the page.

  2. View the contents by clicking on the headings and expanding to see the sub headings.

  3. The details of each section will appear on the right of the page as you select each heading.

  4. Filter standards for Mandatory, required and optional fields by selecting the boxes shown here.

  5. Search the standard for specific words

  6. Reset the standard at any point in your search.