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The Professional Record Standards Body offers a wide range of services that help improve the quality and safety of health and social care records. PRSB’s expert guidance and standards enable health and care organisations to create and share accurate and consistent digital records, improving patient safety and outcomes.

Developing and assuring standards

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We develop best-practice standards, endorsed by health and care professionals, the public and software suppliers.

what we offer

  • Discovery/user research
  • Multi-disciplinary consultation, engagement and endorsement
  • Information models, MVP(must haves)
  • SNOMED code sets 
  • FHIR alignment
  • Implementation guidance, safety case reports
  • National architecture collaboration.

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We provide comprehensive assurance, expert advice, and alignment of standards for use in the UK.

what we offer

  • Assurance of content, gap analysis and alignment with other UK standards
  • SNOMED CT advice, code set development
  • Key clinical and stakeholder endorsement.

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support tools

We offer tools and aids to support organisations to implement standards and increase chances of success.

what we offer

  • Web-based toolkits and training
  • Information Standards Notice (ISN) – statutory lever in England
  • Specific implementation guidance for each standard
  • Optimising levers and incentives.

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Piloting and

Boost your confidence in the usability and usefulness of standards with pilot testing and template development.

what we offer

  • Clinical, technical and procedural pilots/simulations
  • Hackathons, connectathons and learnathons
  • Best practice, clinically endorsed template design

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Getting standards into practice

Picture of woman with a health and care professional

National roll-out

We build and support campaigns to drive and track progress on adoption nationally

what we offer

  • Baselining adoption and planned trajectory for national roll-out
  • Progress tracking
  • Evaluation of uptake and benefits tracking
  • Technical implementation support.

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software SUPPLIER

We provide independent assessment by conformance experts with specified standards evidenced by a comprehensive conformance report and Quality Mark award.

what we offer

  • Supplier market assessment report and targeted campaigns
  • Supplier conformance assessment and Quality Mark
  • Supplier conformance assessment for frameworks.

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Portrait Of Laughing Multi-Cultural Medical Team Standing In Hospital Corridor

implementation support for care organisations

Our masterclasses, tools and hands-on support from experts to support care organisations to successfully implement standards.  

what we offer

  • Standards community engagement
  • On-line masterclasses
  • Technical implementation support
  • Hands on support and training
  • Diagnostic of your current progress with a standard
  • Local conformance assessment.

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support and

We provide proactive support and ongoing maintenance and release management of published standards. 

what we offer

  • Proactive response service by experts to agreed SLA
  • Regular standard uplifts, managed releases of standards and tools
  • Ongoing maintenance and curation of code sets.

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Bespoke services and advice


General advice
and consultancy

We offer general advice and consultancy regarding all aspects of standards and digital tailored to your needs. 

what we offer

  • Consultancy services provided by a team of experienced professionals with a proven track record of delivering successful projects across a range of health and care settings.
  • Bespoke research and report writing. Such as diagnosis recording guidance, lessons from COVID.

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Sponsor an event or thematic review either exclusively or as one of a group of sponsors. PRSB will periodically propose sponsorship events or are happy to consider proposals for others.

what we offer

  • Bespoke sponsorship proposals
  • Collaborating in a joint sponsorship offer to a variety of levels of commitment.

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accredited Clinical Safety Officer training

Boost your career with our accredited Clinical Safety Officer training! PRSB and Ethos Ltd are offering an online foundation programme, which includes a clinically led session on PRSB standards and their importance to delivering safe care. 

course outline

  • Differentiate between standards and medical devices regulation
  • Hands-on with hazard identification and evaluation
  • Understand risk control and measurements
  • Understand the safety reports and the review process.
  • DCB 0129 / DCB 0160 compliance

Convening and

PRSB have an unrivalled network through its members and stakeholders connecting with more than 2 million front line staff, software suppliers and govts.  We convene roundtables and events to raise awareness or to debate and inform topics of your choice where it fits with our core purpose and sponsorship policy.

what we offer

  • Roundtables/interactive events and engagement activities
  • Surveys and analysis/reports
  • Convening and facilitation of multi-disciplinary workshops to address agreed themes.

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Find out more about our services

If you’re interested in learning more about our services or haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, please contact us using the form below. Our team would be delighted to have a conversation with you about your specific requirements.