PRSB Standards

The PRSB develops and helps to implement standards for the structure and content of care records. These cover, for example, hospital referral letters, handover communications, discharge summaries, and inpatient and outpatient letters.

The standards are developed using published evidence and consultation with doctors, patients, the social care system and allied healthcare professionals. The standards are regularly reviewed and updated. As agreed with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the latest published and approved set of standards are Standards for the clinical structure and content of patient records.

The PRSB's strength in developing, maintaining and implementing standards reflects our broad network of experts and membership, including organisations representing patients, service users and carers; doctors and nurses; other health professionals; social care professionals; and developers and suppliers of software used in health and social care. Members are drawn from across the UK - England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

This strength in expertise ensures that new standards are practical and realistic, and ensure that a comprehensive picture of care information can be accessed easily by anyone, when and where they need it.

Our networks provide additional support for the PRSB as we help to implement the standards that we have developed.

We produce:

We create a variety of useful publications, including:

  • Guidance. These are regularly updated documents that can help inform the development and maintenance of standards.
  • Assurance statements. They confirm PRSB assurance of new or updated standards.

  • Assured Professional Record Standards. We publish the output from our Professional Standard Development service.
  • PRSB reports. These reflect our views on key issues in the field.

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