Suppliers recognise that Partnership with the PRSB will differentiate them in the market, enable them to influence the standards and take advantage of working with a rapidly growing network and community


“AutumnCare is thrilled to become a quality partner with the PRSB such that we can be part of the adoption of universally applicable standards for care records.

Ensuring this is a move towards better outcomes for all parties involved and is an important goal for the sector to strive to attain.

Our electronic tools save staff time on admin that can be better spent with clients, as well as providing care services with more powerful reporting insight and analytics into their business.”


We firmly believe that aligning to and supporting PRSB standards are essential steps to supporting the national interoperability journey.

Together with clients and industry partners, we’re innovating for the future.

Integrating entire health and care systems to enable them to deliver smarter, value-based care that proactively manage and improve the wellbeing of their populations.”


EIDO Healthcare provides a complete and comprehensive range of content, processes, systems and solutions to successfully manage and deliver informed consent.

Developed by clinicians for clinicians, EIDO deliver solutions designed to support health professionals in achieving excellence in obtaining and recording informed consent from patients.



Graphnet is the leading provider of shared care record solutions for joining up services across Integrated Care Systems.  Our shared care solutions hold records for 20 million people. 

Graphnet’s CareCentric shared record allows comprehensive clinical and social care information to be shared between disciplines and across organisations.  It also includes a leading-edge analytics and population health platform. Graphnet is part of the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance. 


“The partnership scheme is an important step towards developing a truly joined up health and care system. We recognise that clinical standards are critical in enabling health and care professionals to efficiently access patient data needed to deliver informed and quality care.

Healthcare Gateway is the interoperability specialist and home of the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG). We will continue to work diligently to translate PRSB standards into clinical value for our customers.”


iESE reviews, remodels and reinvents local public services, to advance improvement and efficiency of the sector. iESE is a non-for-profit social enterprise led by local authority councillors elected by iESE member councils.

iESE was created by local authorities as a shared resource to transform public services and retain experience within the sector. With over 16 years of experience in public service improvement and transformation, they have delivered real savings of over £1billion for their members and clients.


“Interneuron’s philosophy has always been to ensure that everything we develop follows the applicable standards of the Professional Standards Record Body. When it comes to standards the PRSB is at the leading edge of the drive for safer care and quality patient outcomes.

We are delighted to be a partner with the PRSB and we hope to work with them on the standard for Inpatient Discharge Summary – but our overall goal is to conform with all the PRSB standards that apply.”


“Kinseed has fully committed to partnering with the PRSB, embracing data and interoperability standards for care, through all their current and future products and services.”

Kinseed empowers healthcare professionals to build Digital Transformation solutions without needing to write code or engage with expensive IT teams. Their SwiftCare platform is used by organisations across the NHS and beyond.


IMS MAXIMS are a provider of high-quality patient administration systems and electronic patient record systems. Their solutions and services allow healthcare organisations to reduce errors and deliver better, safer care and provide more efficient services.

“More than 180 healthcare organisations, with 30,000 daily system users, already agree we have met that goal, trusting us to manage more than 13 million patient records for them.”


Orion Health is a global, award-winning provider of health information technology, advancing population health and precision medicine solutions for the delivery of care across the entire health ecosystem. Their technology is used by hundreds of thousands of clinicians across the globe to manage the health care of more than 100 million patients.

“We’re solving complex data problems so that clinicians can make the optimal medical decisions for their patients.”


Really Care CIC

ReallyCare CIC is not-for-profit company on a mission to help improve the quality and efficiency of adult social care provision through the use of open source software, open standards and open data. 

We have already released a solution for the management of homecare services (visit scheduling, eMAR, care planning, invoicing, payroll etc.), currently in use by a number of private sector care providers. Approaches regarding partnership and funding opportunities are welcome.


“Interoperability has always been at the forefront of RIVIAM’s agenda. By ensuring we conform to PRSB’s nationally agreed information standards, we have a robust and solid foundation upon which our services can be configured to meet our customer’s individual needs, helping them innovate, transform and respond to today’s care pressures.

We help health and social care providers across the UK manage and deliver new care services that meet today’s challenging health and social care demands.”


tpp logo

TPP is a digital health company, committed to delivering world-class healthcare software. Its system is used in over 25 different care settings within the NHS, and its database holds the records of more than 50 million patients in England alone.

The company has worked together with the NHS for 24 years and underpins aspects of its services in every corner of the country. TPP pioneered the use of shared electronic health records and continuously works to support the creation of a better, well-integrated healthcare system.


VCare’s mission is to connect healthcare and unite medicine and physiological data in one place. Their suite of applications helps to promote integrated care and informed decision-making in multiple health and social care settings, including hospitals, GP surgeries, care homes, community care and pharmacies,

Their app technology empowers patients and carers to record their own healthcare information. All information is communicated in real-time to clinical teams, enabling early intervention. VCare have so far helped more than 10,000 patients receive consistent and improved levels of care.


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