Empowering efficient and connected care with the PRSB e-Discharge Summary Standard

Nicola Cranfield, Clinical Solutions Lead and CSO at IMS MAXIMS, explains why other system suppliers should follow their example and become conformant against the PRSB’s e-Discharge Summary standard to improve sharing of information at discharge and enable continuity of care. 

Within IMS MAXIMS, we understand technology’s crucial role in delivering high-quality, patient-centred care and optimising healthcare workflows. Adherence to the PRSB’s e-Discharge Summary Standard was paramount to our company’s mission of supporting healthcare professionals’ work and people’s outcomes. In this article, we highlight how conforming to the standard can revolutionise the discharge process, facilitate seamless information exchange, and enhance patient outcomes. As we ventured into integrating e-discharge functionality adhering to PRSB standards, it was not only an educational journey but also a thoroughly enjoyable one, thanks to the amazing team at PRSB. 

Streamlined and comprehensive information sharing 

The e-Discharge Summary Standard enables hospitals to safely transfer discharge information to GPs and community-based services. As IMS MAXIMS conforms to the PRSB standards of e-Discharge, it enables healthcare professionals to exchange comprehensive patient information across care settings efficiently. By adhering to standardised data formats and terminologies, IMS MAXIMS supports the structured and accurate documentation of diagnoses, treatments, medications, allergies, and follow-up plans. Thus, ensuring that all pertinent information is readily available to relevant stakeholders minimises the risk of miscommunication and improves care coordination. 

Enhanced continuity of care 

Nationally, more than 1.5million people use NHS services every day and many hundreds of thousands of those contacts involve discharges. Improving the sharing of information at discharge ensures uninterrupted care and improved patient outcomes. By conforming to the standard, IMS MAXIMS enables healthcare professionals to easily access and share patient records, reducing the potential for errors, duplicate tests, and unnecessary delays. A unified and standardised approach to information exchange supports efficient care handovers, enabling healthcare professionals to provide continuous and personalised care to patients as they move through different care settings. 

Patient empowerment and engagement 

Through standardised e-discharge summaries, healthcare professionals can provide patients with clear, consistent, and understandable information about their condition, medications, and post-discharge instructions. This enables patients to take ownership of their health, comply with treatment plans, and engage in shared decision-making, ultimately improving patient satisfaction and outcomes. 

Interoperability and integrated care 

Conformance to PRSB’s e-Discharge Summary Standard on a wider scale will enhance interoperability between different healthcare IT systems, enabling seamless data exchange across various care settings. This interoperability supports exchanging vital information with GPs, community services, and social care providers, fostering collaborative care models and enhancing care continuity. 

Learning and growing with the PRSB team 

Embarking on our conformance journey against the e-Discharge Summary Standard, we were fortunate to collaborate with the team from PRSB. Their extensive knowledge and experience were evidently reflected in their approach to nurturing a cooperative and productive working environment. From the initial stages of understanding the nuances of the PRSB standards to the advanced stages of compliance, the PRSB team was always accessible, and discussions were immensely educational, guiding us at every juncture. 

As we look back at our journey, we have a sense of pride and fulfilment in what we have accomplished together; with this collaboration, not only did we achieve our goal, but we also forged meaningful relationships and built a community that is passionate about driving innovation in healthcare. The PRSB team played a pivotal role in making this journey educational and enjoyable.  

We are proud to see what benefits our conformance to the standard brings to healthcare professionals and patients. Improving continuity of care is not possible without optimising the discharge process and streamlined information exchange, and this is why we recognise the importance of conforming to the PRSB’s e-Discharge Summary Standard and encourage system suppliers to take the same route.  

Let us embrace these standards to transform care delivery, enhance patient experiences, and build a more connected and efficient healthcare system. 

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