PRSB publishes the updated version of the Community Pharmacy Standard

Community pharmacies are offering an increased range of services to support people’s health and wellbeing and manage demand in general practice and urgent care settings. This is why it’s important that they can record and share information about a person’s care with a local GP and other services.

We have published the updated version of our Community Pharmacy Standard (v.3) to reflect changes to the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) in England and the services it covers, along with other changes to make it ready for widespread implementation.

The standard will enable information on care and services provided by community pharmacists to be seamlessly transmitted back to the GP record, and to be available to the person and the wider NHS, ensuring safe, effective, and connected care. It will also ensure that community pharmacists’ contribution to patient care is recorded and recognised by GPs and other primary care colleagues, enabling both parties to work more closely together, improving continuity of care.

This improved communication will also support community pharmacy in taking on a greater range of clinical services to reduce burden on other parts of the health and care system.

The Information Standards Notice (ISN) for the standard is anticipated for June 2023.

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