PRSB publishes new guidance to support personalised, safer prescribing

Genetics is changing medical practice including prescribing, and the Professional Record Standards Body has published guidance to help prescribers use this information effectively to improve patient care and promote greater choice and involvement in decision making.   The guidance sets out how information about a person’s genetic makeup can be shared with prescribers working in any care […]

PRSB reports on lessons from the pandemic on the future of digital care

A new report from the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) examines the digital transformation of health and care services during the pandemic and recommends how the system can use the lessons from COVID-19 to advance digital change, while maintaining safety and prioritising citizen’s needs.    The Digital Health and Care and COVID-19 report is based on consultation with more […]

New social care standards support more personalised care

New standards for integrating key health and social care information will ensure services can work together better to provide more personalised care. The new national standards have been introduced to ensure that information is recorded and shared in a clear and consistent way across health and social care. This means professionals will have a full […]