Getting People Onboard: Engaging Stakeholders and Developing People


Now that you understand where you are, where you’re going and who you need to involve, this part of the process is all about getting your stakeholders onboard with the vision and change.  

Stakeholder Engagement

Your project success is highly dependent on the active engagement and support of a range of different stakeholders. Crafting tailored narratives to ‘speak’ more directly to each of them can be invaluable. At the beginning of the pilot project with early implementers, the project team addressed different audiences with different messaging.

You will achieve effective engagement and personal connection with your stakeholders if you understand:

  • Your stakeholders and their motivations
  • How they learn and work

Different stakeholders have different drivers for adopting the PCSP standard. View the drivers here.

Capturing and articulating benefits of implementing the PCSP standard

Exploring the benefits of implementing the PCSP standard will help you position the project with different stakeholders, and help you maintain focus and momentum. From working closely with two partner provider organisations we know that support for implementing the PCSP standard cannot be taken for granted, so being able to clearly articulate the benefits to both supportive and sceptical stakeholders is crucial.

Benefits quotes from stakeholders

These quotations reflect just some of the potential benefits. As part of your PCSP standard implementation you can use your stakeholder analysis (covered here on the PRSB toolkit introduction page) to identify the benefits which most resonate with your local context. Hover over the image below to view quotes from various healthcare professionals and other project stakeholders such as senior leaders.