Using our standards

Developing standards for care records is essential but ensuring they are implemented in health and care practice is equally important.

The adoption of standards is critical to improving care records, and ultimately the quality of patient care itself.  The PRSB sees that a vital part of its role is to mobilise the system and frontline providers to deliver this culture change so that standards are the norm in future.

We are identifying key patient-facing organisations to work with, ordering them in priority of influence and impact, with a focus on the use of standards in self-care for long-term conditions. As the voice of clinicians and patients in advocating and adopting standards, the PRSB will assess how to raise awareness of standards with the public by working with patient-facing organisations before they are in place in the health and social care system.

Education and training

Education and training is essential to ensuring that standards are widely understood and implemented. The PRSB is now liaising with colleges and training organisations to develop an engagement plan that can be easily incorporated into teaching. We will also work with member organisations to create stand-alone education and training offers. Once we’ve identified training needs, the PRSB will develop a pilot toolkit, as well as e-learning training packages. Please check this page for updates.

Quality, safety and efficiency

We are looking at how using our standards can enhance the work of national organisations concerned with improving quality, safety and efficiency alignment, such as NICE, the Care Quality Commission and NHS Improvement. Our aim is to jointly influence standards adoption.

Best practice and learning

Working with NHS England, we will support their development of the Digital Maturity Assessment to ensure it captures the relevant information in relation to standards adoption. We are identifying providers, in particular global digital exemplars and those following their lead on adoption of standards as well as STPs to work with so that we can understand any barriers, challenges or incentives to adoption and uptake of PRSB standards.

By working with them we will develop case studies to spread best practice and learning. Through deep dives and other mechanisms, we will learn in detail about possible barriers to adopting standards and work with organisations to develop solutions.

Piloting PRSB standards

The PRSB will also be working alongside national and regional implementation teams to pilot the standards. We will develop a stakeholder engagement plan for working with our stakeholders. Our goal is to identify priority stakeholders with greatest influence and reach and/or those that have concerns that need addressing to enable targeted communications and drive adoption and spread of the use of standards. We aim to engage all our member organisations with communications and raise awareness of standards with their members who are users of services, clinicians and other professionals.

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