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If somebody falls ill in any part of the country, the people who are asked to respond should be able to see information that’s valuable in helping them to respond in a standard way. And that goal is such an important goal, that even if we’re uncomfortable with the term standard, it’s self-evident that some element of standardisation is essential for that kind of goal to be delivered.

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NHS England

Development of a digital care and support planning standard

More people than ever are living with long-term conditions in the UK. This includes both physical and mental health conditions. As a result, there has been a national drive towards providing people with consistent, personalised care plans.

The PRSB worked in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians and the North West London Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to develop a digital personalised care and support planning standard, so care plans can be effectively shared between patients, carers, and all the health and care professionals involved in that person’s care.
The PCSP standard is strongly recommended by national bodies and is seen as a key facilitator for integrated care as set out in the NHS Mental Health Implementation Plan 2019/20 – 2023/24 NHS and the NHS Long Term Plan. In the Mental Health Delivery Plan for 2021/22 NHS England and NHS Improvement have asked all mental health services to adopt the PCSP.

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Development of the Community Mental Health Toolkit

In 2021, NHS England and NHS Improvement commissioned PRSB to update the Personalised Care and Support Plan (PCSP) standard to ensure it met the needs of adults who live with severe mental health conditions in the community. Co-produced with health and social care professionals, as well as people who use services, the updated standard is designed to help people stay well and live the best lives they can at home or in supported accommodation.

This Implementation Toolkit is a key output from a project funded by NHS England and NHS Improvement. Between April and July 2021 the project team worked with transformation partners in two Mental Health Trusts to collect and curate resources and support materials that will support Integrated Care Systems (ICS) as the standard is rolled out nationally.

This strand of work has been complemented by a programme of consultation with Electronic Patient Record system (EPR) vendors to help ensure the technology is in place for shareable care records in line with the PCSP standard.

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The resources page provides direct links to various policy documents and websites from PRSB and NHS. Engaging with these resources will help you understand the Standard, and why it is important. Using these resources will also help you engage your own stakeholders as you implement the PCSP standard.