Keith Strahan

Social care

Keith Strahan worked as a social worker for over 20 years in a variety of settings: Hospitals (A&E, Intensive Care, Older People’s Wards, etc.), Mental Health, Community, Disability and Primary Care.

Keith’s wide-ranging experience provided an ideal background for when he later led and implemented a range of large-scale projects, that aimed to improve digital technology within adult social care and also share information with the health sector. This included a London Project with, at its peak, 60 acute trusts and local authorities sharing information across London.

Now, as Clinical Informatics Lead of the Social Care Programme at NHS Digital, Keith’s had the opportunity to build on all of this work in England.

Keith’s contribution to the programme from the start was to highlight the importance of the Independent Care Sector, instigating a ‘sector led’ approach. This included facilitating the care provider information governance and cyber security work alongside the Care Provider Alliance and the Data Security and Protection Toolkit team This started after first initiating the offer of NHSmail for all care providers, and later helping set up the first mobile Summary Care Records pilot for care homes.

Keith also lobbied for a website for care providers that would be their ‘digital hub’. The Social Care Programme made this a reality and the result was the Digital Social Care website. Keith has since initiated the Cyber Security Guidance in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre and the Digital Signposting Glossary on the website.

Keith was the first from social care to become a Founding Fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and was later elected to the Faculty’s first Council.

Keith has representative for social care on the PRSB Advisory Board since it was formed. Since April 2017, he has been highlighting the benefits of ‘About Me’ information. This has since helped influenced the PRSB Digital Care and Support Standard, the PRSB Core Information Standard for Local Health and Care Records and the About Me standard in October 2020.