Dr Ian Thompson

Dr Ian Thompson

Digital Health and Care Scotland

Dr Ian Thompson is a GP in a rural part of East Lothian, who also works in the Lothian Unscheduled Care out-of-hours GP service. He has worked on and off in NHS Scotland eHealth roles since 2001. Since 2013 he has been a GP clinical lead in eHealth, now Digital Health and Care Directorate of Scottish Government.

He chaired the Emergency Care Summary (Scottish equivalent of Summary Care Record) Service board from 2011 to 2020 and is active as an accredited clinical safety officer on the GP IT Change Advisory Board within Scotland. Dr Thompson is a member of both UK and Scottish Joint GP Information technology Committees.

He is one of the Founding Fellows of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and a member of RCGP Health Informatics Group. Dr Thompson has a masters degree in Healthcare Informatics and a PhD on Artificial Neural Networks in Medicine.

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