Professional Record Standards Body provides a support and maintenance service for professionals, people, organisations and suppliers who are using and implementing PRSB standards. Our support desk handles any enquiries related to PRSB work, our standards and their implementation. Our maintenance service keeps our standards up to date, consistent and fit for purpose with input from users and alignment to the changing context of health and social care.
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Our support desk provides a reliable, responsive service to anyone with a query about PRSB standards or our work. The service aims to address all enquiries and keep all stakeholders up to date with progress and outcomes. 

You can contact us by phone, online form or email.  You will get an automated ID number, and a response within 5 working days. Enquiries are used to improve our products and services. 

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PRSB’s standards maintenance service aims to keep PRSB standards current, consistent and fit for purpose. 

Any support issues, queries or suggestions as to how a standard could be improved are documented and can be viewed online.

Find out the status of a request or view other open or completed queries by viewing the live log on the link below.

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STANDARDS publication

PRSB standards are monitored on an on-going basis with a 3-year review or sooner where justified by issues raised or changes in the environment. View our release schedule for new standards, updates to existing standards and ISN publication dates. 

The PRSB release policy sets out the plan for our standards’ releases and publication on our website. PRSB standards are also published on the NHS England standards directory.

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Other resources

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This online resource explains why we need standards to record our health and care information in a consistent way so that it can be made available whenever it is needed. 

Explore the content and structure of PRSB standards, how to use them and find out how they fit into the wider digital healthcare system.

Partnership Scheme for Suppliers


The Standards Partnership Scheme offers services to suppliers and providers who would like to receive support on getting their systems ready for standard implementation.

We provide bespoke, hands-on support and workshops, gap analysis and conformance services from an expert team. Find out more and contact us to discuss your requirements.  

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