Provenance data standard

Implementing standards is PRSB’s key purpose, and to help health and care professionals and suppliers adopt them, we are making changes to our published standards to make them easy to use.


PRSB has produced an information model that describes who made the record entry or carried out the activity, where and when. This is known as provenance data. This information model simplifies how we include this data in our standards, which is essential but repetitive.

The data includes:

  • Performing professional
  • Date
  • Location
  • Person completing record
  • Date recorded

We are carrying out an exercise to change how these data items appear in PRSB standards. Provenance data will now be referenced as ‘Information type’ within each standard. This will not change how professionals record this information in care records but removes repetition in the standards, making the standards much shorter and easier to read and use.

For suppliers using PRSB standards for the first time, you will need to implement the provenance data standard as part of implementing any other PRSB standards. Implementing the provenance data standard in your system will save time and effort and eliminate duplication as you will only need to implement it once to use it throughout our standards.

For suppliers already using PRSB standards you will not have to do anything.  The data items in the provenance data standard were previously repeated explicitly wherever they are used in each of our existing standards. 

Implementing new standards should be easy as the data items in the provenance data standard should already be in your systems and can be applied to new standards.

No your Quality Mark remains valid. The provenance data standard simply changes the way PRSB presents its standards so that they are easy to implement.

Your system should already be capable of recording the data items in the standard as you have implemented at least one PRSB standard already, and most of standards contain the data items listed in the provenance data standard.

Nothing different. As a health or social care professional you will still record details about who performed or recorded professional activities, where and when.

The aim is to simplify the way in which we define the data in our standards, making it easier for you to read and use, and for suppliers to implement our standards in your IT systems.


Viewing and using PRSB standards

PRSB has expanded the range of formats in which our standards can be viewed and used by clinicians, care professionals and data architects for different purposes. The PRSB viewer is intended for quick review, while the excel view or machine readable JSON format can be used for detailed mapping, testing and building applications and specifications for software and datasets, etc.

Our standards will now be available in the following formats:

  • PRSB viewer (online)
  • JSON file (download)
  • EXCEL file (download)

We have also created a new  Explainer 
to help you understand standards and how to use them.

Current release

Release date: 5 October 2022
Standard Version: V1.0

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Please note: Version 1.1 of the provenance data model is due to be published in early December following additional review with expert users and system suppliers. 
Known issues being addressed in V1.1 include: 
  1. Enhanced descriptions in the information model;
  2. New implementation guidance to aid users;
  3. Updating links to FHIR & NHS Data Dictionary reference sets in implementation guidance where older links have moved or changed;
  4. Addition of ‘free text’ fields where coded field reference sets are deemed to not fully cover health and social care.


Further resources

Further improvements in how PRSB manages its standards portfolio will be announced in due course. Contact us if you have further suggestions on how standards can be improved to make them more useful and usable.