Information standards for health and care integration Draft v1.0

Improving information sharing between health and social care is critical to professionals who care for people and the health and wellbeing of people themselves. PRSB has just published an important set of standards to support integrating care. 

Earlier this year the PRSB was asked by NHS Digital to help to create national standards for sharing information between health and social caredrawing on the learning from successful local projects to speed up national roll out and adoption. 

The five new standards outline key information, such as how someone’s needs might change after being in hospital and how this needs to be recorded. More than 1000 people helped to develop the standards, including people who use services, carers and frontline professionals.  

Links to our five standards can be found below. The standards are being published in draft form while we seek endorsement from our relevant member and partner organisations.

About Me

The information that people want to share about themselves - “About Me” 

The About me information will be incorporated into the Core information standard and the Digital care and support plan standard during their next update, expected Spring 2021.

Urgent referral from care home to hospital

The information required for the care and support of a person when they are admitted to hospital from a care home in an emergency.

Hospital referral to community assessment for care and support

The information requirements in respect of a person being referred for ongoing community assessment for social care and support after a hospital stay.

Information provided by local authorities in shared care records

The information that the local authority holds about people that would be useful for health and care professionals in providing care and support in hospital, at home or in a care home.

This will be incorporated into the Core information standard during the next update expected end of 2020. It will also remain as a stand alone standard.

Care homes view of shared care records

The information that care home staff can see in a shared care record.  

The Care homes view information will be incorporated into the Core information standard during the next update, expected end beginning of 2021.