Supporting Documents
Social care assessment (ADW) information standard

At the moment hospitals must decide when it’s safe to discharge a patient and handover care to other services.  

Part of that decision-making process requires hospital staff to determine whether a care and support assessment is required before the patient leaves hospital care, so that appropriate social care can be put in place to support them. If hospital staff believe an assessment is required, they must notify the local authority’s social services team.

NHS Digital has produced standards for assessment, discharge and withdrawal notices, so that this information can be shared safely and securely between systems. 

The PRSB has assured this guidance, and an Information Standards Notice has been issued. This informs vendors, suppliers and service providers that the standard needs to be adopted and the time frame for doing this.

Supporting documents

Below you can find a series of supporting documents for this information standard. This is an NHS Digital standard assured by the PRSB. All documents listed below can be found on the NHS Digital website.


The ADW information standard has been assured by The PRSB. We will be reviewing and adapting this standard as part of the social care pathfinders project and the standard will be submitted for endorsement during this process.