Standards Toolkits

The PRSB toolkits are designed to support you and your team to successfully implement PRSB standards in your organisation. They are step-by-step guides to help you and your team use the standards to enable information to be shared digitally in order to improve the delivery of health and care. 

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Palliative and End of Life Care


Community Mental health

PRSB Standards Explained

Why we need standards to record our health and care information in a consistent way so that it can be made available whenever it is needed.

Implementing Standards

Transformation programmes need clear goals, the right leadership and engaged staff and stakeholders. Get started by reading our information on transformational change.

PRSB Support Available

If you have a question for PRSB, please contact our support team. We have an expert team who can help you find the answer, or direct you to the right place.