Standards ready for action

To see real results, standards must be put into action and we are working to support this. We have published instructions from NHS Digital, in the form of an information standards notice, for the healthy child record standard. This informs vendors, suppliers and service providers that the standard needs to be adopted and the timeframe for doing this.

In line with the government’s vision for a digital health and care system, this is a major step towards bringing together information about a child’s health into a digital redbook. Vendors can now start the adoption process, working towards making better records a reality. Trials will take place in early 2019 in North East London, and will complement local programmes of work in Lancashire, Bristol and other parts of London. After evaluation, the standard will be rolled out nationally. For more information on the updates, please go to our website.

In addition to the healthy child record standard, we have also outlined the next steps for implementing the maternity record standard, with a timeline for the next steps available here. The goal is to have the standard in use by the end of 2020. Please contact if you’d like to know more or you are interested in implementing standards.