Social prescribing


For many people, improving their health and wellbeing requires a holistic approach and support by professionals who can help them focus on what matters to them to live well. Social prescribing supports people through understanding their needs, working with them and connecting them to local community (non-clinical) often voluntary services which can provide the support needed.   

The PRSB has been commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement to develop an information standard for social prescribing. The standard will enable the sharing and recording of information to support both the professionals and people through social prescribing from the initial referral, the period of social prescribing and message back to the referrer and GP at its conclusion, as well as help health and care services nationally to evaluate and improve social prescribing.  

The standard will include all models of social prescribing including those in social care and managed through local authorities and provided by professionals under titles such as link workers, health and wellness coaches or care co-ordinators.


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The social prescribing standard is in consultation phase and we are now analysing the results of our UK wide survey.

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For more information, please contact