Client Services

The PRSB is uniquely well placed to develop and support better care records so that care is better, safer and more efficiently delivered.

Our development service for care record standards is supported by consultancy services designed to help health and care systems, patient and public facing organisations, commissioners, researchers and other interested bodies. We help them to get the support they need to define, develop, use and implement consistent care records at local or national levels.

Our services:

National standards development

  • Developing care records standards that are widely accepted and endorsed across the UK can only be achieved through an organisation with the membership and reach of the PRSB, backed by comprehensive support and implementation help. The PRSB also works with current robust care records systems and their current users to ensure existing best practice is incorporated into future implementation.

Assurance of standards

  • Much good work has been previously undertaken by professional groups and specialisms to define care record standards. We work with these groups to provide assurance, ensure consistency across the system and recommend any further development needed to achieve the status of a PRSB endorsed national standard. We always encourage such groups to work with us and are very open to new approaches.

Supporting local initiatives

  • We recognise that standardised care records are only of value if they are translated into electronic records and implemented and used successfully in the provision of care. We know how challenging this can be and are keen to provide advice and support to local systems. Our support is based on extensive experience of standards development, building consensus and support from multi-disciplinary professionals, patients and carers, and large-scale change.

Standards adoption and benefits realisation

  • We are expert in building support for our work. We have access to, and influence with, more than 500,000 professionals through our members and networks and are able to engage and mobilise them to ensure our work has momentum and impact. We also work with a wide range of patient, public facing and Third Sector organisations to mobilise their support for better care records.


  • With our expertise in standards development and implementation life cycle and the potential benefits, we are well placed to undertake independent, authoritative evaluation of care records projects.

Compliance Audits

  • Whether you are a care provider, software vendor or any other part of the health and social care system, we can audit your compliance with standards and make recommendations for improvement.

General advice and consultancy

  • We are the acknowledged experts in our field. If you have a standards-related problem we want to help. Please contact us.

Commissioning us

  • We take on projects for the health and social care system and are always open to new commissions for work. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss an opportunity. The PRSB is a not-for-profit company and any surplus we make is ploughed straight back into our work.

Our publications

We create a variety of useful publications.

  • Guidance. These are regularly updated documents that can help inform the development and maintenance of standards.
  • Assurance statements. These confirm PRSB assurance of new or updated standards.
  • Assured Professional Record Standards. We publish the output from our Professional Standard Development service.
  • PRSB reports. These reflect our views on key issues in the field.