Second workshop for Partners on shared care records a success

In the middle of June we welcomed our Partners to the second in our series of workshops.

The lunchtime event provided an overview of the current national perspective on shared care records from John Farenden, Senior Lead for Shared Care Records at NHS England and NHS Improvement.

John talked about transformation of health and care being underpinned by three main aims; digitising existing information and services; ensuring that information is accessible and can flow in an efficient, connected way; and the creation of transformed approaches that deliver greater efficiency, productivity and better outcomes for people. With foundations of common standards, the shared care record is built on digital systems across all health sectors and social care – the life to death record of the individual’s interactions with the health and care system. John shared his perspective on the drivers for change, the future state of shared care records and what’s required to deliver the NHS’s aim of the introduction of a minimum shared care record in all systems used by the 41 Integrated Care Systems in England by September 2021. Sharing care records that ensures integration across products and services is based on conformance to standards.

Our second presentation was from Sandip Kaur, Data Architect for PRSB, who talked about progress of the logical model for the PRSB’s core information standard for shared care records, mapping to technical specifications and the work involved in publication of the core information standard version 2 at the end of June 21.

Finally, Monica Jones, Executive Lead, Yorks & Humber Care Record, gave us a local perspective on implementation of the shared care record. Monica outlined the progress they’ve made in delivering innovative solutions and tools to meet the region’s vision of connecting care information to improve outcomes and experience for people using the latest interoperability and data standards. Monica talked about the successes and challenges they have experienced working towards connecting with social care by September 2022 and having all organisations connected by 2024.

Interesting discussion followed the speakers’ sessions and all participants fed back that they would like to know more about progress in delivering shared care records. The PRSB’s timetable of coming workshops and masterclasses was shared and the request for suggestions for future workshop topics was responded to positively.

Coming up

The next Partner event is on 22 July when our topic will be the Standards Route Map. It should be an exciting and informative session and provide a chance for partners to learn and share their views about standards for development. If you’re a Partner and would like to attend but haven’t received an invitation yet, please email   


PRSB is working with our Partners on how to sensibly assess the Core information standard given its unique characteristics. Find out more at Core information V1* – PRSB (

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