Review period for updated version of UK Core (0.3.0 Pre-Release) following Sprint 4 of Clinical and Technical Assurance

A review period for the updated version of UK Core (0.3.0 Pre-Release) is running from the 27th January to the 10th February 2022 and HL7 UK and NHS Digital are looking for your views on the changes made to Sprint 4.

Following necessary adjustments and changes resulting from the review, (0.3.0 Pre-Release) will become version 0.4.0 and be the foundation for the Implementation Guide 0.5.0, which will be used for the Sprint 5 of Clinical and Technical Assurance.

When submitting your ideas and queries to the review, please note that issues raised should only be related to changes for the Sprint 4 as the review is not intended to encompass the full implementation guide. You can find the Implementation Guide and the changes applied to the (0.3.0 Pre-Release) version are available via the HL7 UK website: UK Core 0.3.0 Pre-release Communication – SIMPLIFIER.NET

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.@ukfci are leading consultations on @NHSTransform’s new standards and interoperability strategy, and are looking for feedback from a wide range of voices. Find out more:

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‘About Me allows for a person’s preferences to be digitally transferred to care providers, giving them the confidence that they have all the information they need.’ @NCFCareForum CEO @vicrayner is supporting the #CareAboutMe. Find out how you can too:
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Welcome! Fantastic to have you on board.

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