20 September 2015

Recommendations for safe effective emailing in health and care settings

Guidance follows consultation on best ways to operate email between patients, citizens and professionals in health and social care.

The PRSB has published guidance for safe, confidential and effective emailing between patients and healthcare professionals. The guidance, created and backed by key organisations representing care professionals and patients, reflects PRSB findings that nine out of 10 people want this electronic option to be more widely available.

It builds on existing email practice to ensure that safety, confidentiality and effectiveness are maximized for patients and professionals, allowing a real alternative to letters and faxes that currently cost the NHS more than £100m a year.

We have developed the guidelines after wide consultation with patients, regulators, information governance experts and care professionals in health and social care. We have written two versions of the guidelines, one for health care and one for social care.

Organisations may want to use all or part of the guidance for general training or policy matters, or publish sections separately or in specific combinations for different audiences. For example, some of this material could be used as information sheets for patients, guidance for care professionals and for administrative staff in organisations.

Document Description Format Colour
Using email in health and social care Patients and healthcare professionals PDF (.pdf) pink
Using email in health and social care Members of the public and social-care professionals PDF (.pdf) blue

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