31 October 2017

Healthy Child Record Standard

Healthy Child Record Standard


An innovative new information standard for child health will help everyone involved in caring for children share information using standardised paperless digital records. The Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB) standards for child health records support the Healthy Child Programme and its prevention agenda, by improving health and wellbeing and empowering parents in their children's care and development.

The new PRSB information standard spells out what information on screening tests, immunisations and developmental milestones should be accessible to ensure that children receive appropriate care. Today's innovation means that everyone involved in a child's care, including parents, will in the future have secure access to a standardised set of paperless, digital child health records.

The standard, published by the PRSB, is part of the work by NHS England and NHS Digital to improve the health of children by using digital technology that promotes better information sharing. The aim of this programme of work is to ensure the goals of the Healthy Child programme are delivered through better and secure information sharing between health and care professionals and parents, leading to more personalised care and better outcomes for children. Clinical leadership for the project was provided by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), and the work was conducted in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Health Informatics Unit (HIU).

The PRSB is publishing the child health standard and supporting documents in final draft form while further review including endorsement by our relevant member organisations is undertaken. The standard may change in its final form but we expect any changes to be minor. Providers may begin incorporating the standard into their systems but should be aware there may be minor amendments in due course. The final version will be published on the PRSB as soon as it is available this winter.


The Healthy Child Record standard is the set of information that is currently exchanged between professionals and parents to support care of a child.

The standard is provided in a series of documents:

·Healthy Child Record Specification– this specifies the format of an electronic care record supporting the Healthy Child Programme, including the clinical headings and sub headings which provide the standardised structure for that record.
· Healthy Child Events Specification – this provides the information models setting out the detailed content for the events, including values and business rules used to support the creation of the FHIR Events Catalogue.

Implementation guidance
This guidance sets out issues identified during the project which relate to implementation of the headings. This is an interim version, with further information about detailed implementation guidance relating to headings to follow in winter.

Final report

The final report can be viewed here.

Technical specifications

· A technical specification, the Healthy Child Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Events Catalogue. This provides the technical specification to allow the events to be exchanged as an electronic message. These are available currently on GitHub and will be updated as the development cycle continues.


All of these published documents are a final draft, while they are being endorsed by relevant professional bodies.

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