08 December 2016

FHIR drill - the PRSB evaluates this new approach to developing standards

In the digital age, technology has an essential role to play in improving care, transforming the relationship between clinicians, professionals and patients, and helping people take more control of their health and wellbeing. The digital vision for health and care depends on the development of standards that allow clinical data to be shared precisely, accurately and interoperably, that is transferred from one computer (the electronic health record system) to another (eg smart phone, laptop, tablet).

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is an emerging technical messaging standard specifically developed to support interoperability. What this will do is allow access to health care data held in electronic records anywhere, at any time, to any authorised person – on any computing platform. It could also facilitate use of data from electronic health and care records for audit, research, service management, and policy making.

The Professional Record Standards Body(PRSB) has been investigating how FHIR standards can be developed and clinically and professionally agreed, ensuring that the very technical standards are consistent with good clinical practice, meet the needs of patients and care professionals and are consistent with the already published PRSB standards.

Read the FHIR Proof of Concept report here.

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