05 December 2016

Consensus statement

Improving care through developing and agreeing standards for care records and promoting their use in information systems across health and social care

The NHS and social care face serious challenges to providing good quality care. But despite the pressures, there are also real opportunities to provide better, safer care; improve citizens' experience of care; and drive greater efficiency in services.

Professor Bob Wachter, in his report Making IT Work, says that using digital technology to support care should be one of the highest priorities to meet healthcare's three pressing needs: better health, better healthcare, and lower cost. Not to do so, he says, would be a 'costly mistake'.

We at the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) and our member organisations believe, like Professor Wachter, that harnessing the power of digital technology to support better care is a high priority. We urge health and social care providers to work with us to realise its potential.

The PRSB and partner organisations have produced a Consensus Statement supporting the ambition to digitise the health and care system based on the use of standards and interoperability and helping frontline clinicians and professionals to implement this important and transformational change in ways of working in the 21st century.

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