PRSB Perspective: Responding to reports, programmes and initiatives

Exciting work is happening in the digital health and social care space to accelerate the digital transformation and create better outcomes for people. The PRSB will be responding to new reports, programmes and initiatives as they happen and giving our view on how adoption of information standards can help to support work across the sector and create tangible benefits for professionals and people.

PRSB responds to….

On 13 July, the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) published a report stating that health and care services in England are not

The government have accepted the recommendations of the Paterson Inquiry following the actions of former surgeon, Ian Paterson, who was sentenced to 20 years in jail after performing unsafe and sometimes unnecessary operations on hundreds of women. The PRSB welcomes all of the Inquiry’s recommendations which include a national framework for managing patient recall procedures, a multi-disciplinary meeting where everyone has access to the patient’s results and treatment options and the introduction of a short period into consenting procedures to allow patients time to reflect on their diagnosis and options.

The PRSB welcomes the Government’s pledge in the new White Paper for adult social care to speed up adoption of digital tools and make better use of data to promote safe, sustainable, high quality social care. ‘People at the Heart of Care’ commits to £150 million new funds for technology; it recognises the role of information standards for advancing interoperability across social care, sees the importance of linking health service and local authority data and promises that 80% of social care providers will have a digital care record in place that can connect to a shared care record by 2024. Its proposed digital hub and skills passport for staff is a welcome idea.

PRSB welcomes NHSX's new digital clinical safety strategy and encourages full adoption of PRSB standards for safer care and better patient outcomes.

The PRSB welcomes the findings and recommendations of the National Overprescribing Review Report on the overprescribing of medicines in the NHS, and