PRSB seeks support for next stage of shared decision-making work 

PRSB was delighted that 130 people took part in our online workshop to discuss what information should be recorded in a person’s care records when discussing treatment options, preferences and concerns. Known as shared decision making, this is fundamental to ensuring care is centred on a person’s treatment needs and goals whether it’s for cancer, a mental health problem or to manage medications better.  We’ve produced a draft of the standard for information sharing and we are looking for clinicians and people who’ve used services to test it in mid-April.  

We will be asking people to participate through role plays to test if the standard is easy to use in practice, and whether it can provide enough information about the discussion and decision without taking too much time to complete.   

The role plays involve a maximum of two hours plus preparation time (reading) and will cover the following clinical areas: 

  • elective surgery 
  • cancer 
  • mental health problems 
  • gynaecology 
  • children’s surgery 
  • genetic conditions 
  • polypharmacy 
  • multiple long-term conditions  

We are looking for clinicians who practise in each of these fields and people who have some relevant lived experience or professional actors experienced in medical role play to participate.  Reimbursement for your time will be available, depending on circumstances. Feedback from our last online workshop was very positive. 

For further information pr to get involved please contact 

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    We're glad to have @OrionHealthEMEA on board and look forward to welcoming them as a Quality Partner soon #standards
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    Thanks to everyone who joined us this morning for our AGM, and thanks to PRSB's members, partners, and people representatives for their work and collaboration over the past year. #PRSB2021 You can take a look at our newly published annual report here:
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    Thanks to Andrea, @ptargett and Jeremy for that discussion on their first-hand experience of PRSB's Partner Scheme! You can read more about the scheme here: Get in touch:

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