PRSB kicks off social care project

In social care there’s lots being done locally to improve the ways that information is being standardised and shared between different people.

The PRSB has been asked by NHS Digital to help to create national standards in some areas, so that successful projects can be rolled out more widely.

At the moment NHS Digital are supporting 16 different organisations across the UK who commission or deliver adult social care services, all of which are delivering innovative uses of technology and information to achieve better outcomes for people using them.

During the first stage of the project we will be working with different local areas across England to agree which situations need national standards to support better care for people. For example, when a person is transferred from a care home to a hospital in an emergency. Once we have determined the standards that are needed, we can begin to develop a plan for developing the national standards that will support better and more joint up health and care services.

We will be working with carers, care home workers, clinicians working in different settings, and people who use services. We’ll be gathering opinions through focus groups, webinars and surveys, all of which will be announced in the coming months.

For more information or to get involved please contact