Apps review - Healthily Smart Symptom Checker

As more apps and decision-making support tools are being developed to help people manage their own health and care, professionals and patients need a way of knowing if they are safe and effective to use.

Healthily (Your.MD) developed a digital health technology suite of products to act as a personal health assistant app and commissioned the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) to undertake a review of the Healthily (Your.MD) Quality Management System (QMS), with an emphasis on clinical safety.

The consultation process

We consulted on this project through a range of surveys, interviews and meetings with the developers to ensure that we gained detailed insight into the app and its operation. We brought together a team of clinicians and professionals with deep knowledge of app development to carry out the review. The market for health and wellbeing apps is growing rapidly and there is a need for systematic reviews of their clinical quality and safety. This review provides a good model for undertaking more of this work in future.


PRSB has published a review report documenting the findings and recommendations.

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