The PRSB has launched a new project to investigate how information flows between urgent care services.


The work will analyse how information is shared within the NHS 111 Clinical Assessment Service (where doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals review patient requests for clinical advice) as well as transfers of information that support referrals into services, discharges and other uses of information such as for research, audit and planning purposes.

Clinical records in integrated urgent care services are usually recorded in free text, which makes it difficult to review consultations in a systematic way and share information in a usable form at transfers of care. If information in care records could be structured and coded, it would be easier for clinicians to share, making care better and safer for patients.

Who will be involved?

Supported by NHS England and the Royal College of Physicians’ Health Informatics Unit, this project will outline the areas where standards for information exchange are needed, with a view to developing a new standard to meet these needs later in the year.



Projected start date: May 2018
Consultation process
Consultation dates will be published soon