Updating our transfer of care standards

The PRSB is updating a series of standards to include the e-discharge, mental health and emergency department discharge summaries, outpatient letters and crisis care.

This project is also known as the Maintenance Release.

Why are we updating our standards?

“Standards for the Clinical Structure and Content of Patient Records” was published in 2013 and defines the headings, with descriptions, for electronic records based on a number of specified use cases (admission, referral, discharge, outpatient letters and referral).

Since they were published further work has continued to develop more detail under the headings for the transfer of structured, coded data and develop standards in other important areas such as crisis care.  This further development has led to some additional headings, some changes to the descriptions and additional detail in the form of information models.  There is a need to bring these changes together and manage their release, alongside the technical message specifications and implementation plans of NHS Digital. 

What is the long term goal?

The strategy for digitisation of the NHS and social care is focused around integrated care. This is to ensure that we make better informed clinical decisions across all health and care settings by enabling and enhancing the flow of patient information. The PRSB supports the integrated care goals by providing professional and patient endorsed and evidence based clinical record standards.

The maintenance release project will produce a single consistent set of current PRSB clinical record standards across all use cases to inform implementation in the NHS, in conjunction with NHS Digital technical specifications.

How can I find out more?

If you would like more information about this project or would like to find out how you can get involved please contact info@prsb.org