The PRSB is working on a new document naming standard, to ensure that all records are properly indexed, and can be navigated quickly and safely.


As the volume of digital data used in health and care continues to increase, it is often held in different clinical and non-clinical systems, brought together as a patient's digital care record. This digital data will include both current and old notes generated during a period where a person was receiving care.

All these documents must be properly indexed, to make sure they can be safely retrieved by those who need them in all care settings. There is need to provide guidance for the naming of digital documents and an agreed process for the bulk-scanning of paper case-notes.

In order to produce a standard that meets the needs of health and care professionals, patients and document managers, the PRSB has brought together relevant stakeholders to examine the existing models currently being used in the UK. The project is being managed by the Royal College of Physicians' Health Informatics Unit (HIU), in conjunction with the PRSB. The HIU is working with stakeholders to develop a draft model which will go out for consultation to determine its suitability in practice.

Who will be involved?

The project will engage with the following stakeholders

  • Primary care clinicians
  • Secondary care clinicians
  • Community care clinicians
  • The public
  • Primary and secondary care administrators and document managers
  • NHS Digital
  • System suppliers
How can I find out more?

If you would like more information about this project or would like to find out how you can get involved please contact


Project start date: November 2017
Projected completion date: March 2018

Consultation process
Survey: January - February 2nd 2018 (now closed)
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