Digital child health strategy information standard

The PRSB is working in partnership with NHS Digital’s digital child health programme to help implement NHS England’s digital child health strategy.

Digital child health strategy information standard

The PRSB is working in partnership with NHS Digital's digital child health programme to help implement NHS England's digital child health strategy.

The strategy aims to deliver more integrated services, which support children and their families better. Two key objectives are:

  • Knowing where every child is and how healthy they are.
  • Appropriate access to information for all involved in the care of children, including parents and carers through (online) personal child health records.

A key component is a child health events catalogue to log events such as screening checks, immunisations, notification of an allergy or a condition – to be shared between those who need to know, including parents and carers.

The PRSB will be involved in the work to develop the child health events catalogue. The PRSB and its partners will conduct widespread engagement in order to achieve a consensus view among professional and patient organisations to establish the events as a national standard, to be used in all health and care organisations.


The PRSB have conducted a series of workshops over the last few months each with a focus on specific areas of the child health record. The workshops have been attended by health and social care professionals, parents and system suppliers and are one of the key steps towards developing a standard for the Digital Child Health Strategy Information

During the workshops, health workers and parents discussed headings for the child health records, to ensure that everything could be recorded in a way that will improve safety and efficiency for both parents and clinicians.
The third and final workshop will take place in July, before a survey is issued to gather wider feedback for the standard. For more information go to

Seeking your views

PRSB conducted an online survey to seek the views of parents and carers, health and care professionals and industry on the information content of the child health record to ensure that all data items are meaningful, relevant, complete and feasible to record in clinical information systems.

The survey is now closed and we would like to thank everyone who took part. Your views are very important to us and will help ensure that the project's intended outcomes and recommendations are practical and fit for purpose.

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