Putting standards into practice

The adoption of standards is critical to improving care records, and ultimately the quality of patient care itself. This programme supports the effective adoption and uptake of PRSB standards through engaging and influencing clinicians and professionals to become active promoters and advocates. Working with clinicians, professionals and patients the PRSB has and continues to develop approaches and tools to facilitate implementation of all record standards.

The following information packs contain materials to support different individuals and organisations in engaging their colleagues to implement PRSB health and care record standards. If you would like more information or help to target the approach or content for a specific use, please contact the PRSB on 020 7922 7976 or email Helene.Feger@theprsb.org.

Information for Chief Clinical Information Officers (CCIO)

Information for GPs

Information for NHS trusts

Information for colleges and professional organisations

Information for commissioners

Information for vendors

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