Health apps accreditation

The PRSB is working on two new accreditation projects to support the safe use of digital health apps


As more apps and decision making support tools are being developed to help people manage their own health and care, professionals and patients need a way of knowing if they are safe and effective to use.
To support this, the PRSB is taking on two new accreditation projects.

We have begun to develop a new accreditation framework for apps to support a person with their own care before they make contact with their doctor, pharmacist or 111. The aim is to provide guidance on what the best course of action would be. This stage is often known as ‘pre-primary care’ and includes symptom checkers and support tools.


The NHS recognises the need for good quality, reliable apps and other digital tools for patients and carers, which is why it has developed an ‘app library’. In addition to our work on app accreditation, the PRSB will also be working with NHSX to develop and endorse a standard for digital health technologies against which products and apps can be accessed, including for the NHS approved apps library.

In order to develop this framework and standard we are seeking input from patients, carers and health and care professionals across a wide range of different services. We believe that our work in pre-primary care and digital health technologies accreditation will be a logical and appropriate extension of our role in standards, and will help to fill a gap in the market. We also know that our members are frequently approached directly to endorse apps and a more consistent response will be beneficial.

We will be consulting with a series of webinars and through an online discussion forum to agree what criteria an accredited app should meet.

If you’re interested in getting involved in our work on accreditation, please contact

Patient view: Why we need safe and secure apps in healthcare

Emma Robertson is our project patient lead. She speaks to PRSB about why she got involved and the benefits and challenges of using apps to support health and care.
“In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2015, it became metastatic. I am now in treatment for life, which means I have had a huge amount of experience with health and care services over the years. I want to use my experience to make positive changes in the health and care system.” Read full story