In social care there’s lots being done locally to improve the ways that information is being standardised and shared between different people. The PRSB has been asked by NHS Digital to help to create national standards in some areas, so that successful projects can be rolled out more widely.

Progress update

Our two health and social care surveys closed at the end of July with over 800 responses in total and a good response across the different disciplines. The second survey for the two transfers of care standards included representation from secondary care doctors (approx. 20%) and nurses (approx. 15%).

Next steps

PRSB is now finalising the standards and supporting materials including survey reports and a final report detailing the methodology, stakeholder engagement, key issues during the process, and recommendations for further work.  The materials will be reviewed by the PRSB assurance committee and project board and then published as final draft on our website mid October while endorsement is sought from the agreed relevant professional bodies and organisations.

Find out more

Shared care records can enhance joined up care and support ensuring that vital information about people is available to all concerned. To find out more about shared care records and how this project feeds into them please visit our core information standard.