Information requirements for pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, ambulance and community services


It is not always easy for health and care professionals like dentists, optometrists, social care workers, community pharmacists, ambulance staff and community staff to access and share information about a person’s care needs. Consistent access to quality health and care data is important for good care. The Core Information Standard is the information standard that enables information sharing between computers across the health and care system. The standard defines the information that should be available for health and care professionals, from multiple records (or systems) across health and social care. 

When the Core Information Standard was developed we intended that it should work for professionals working in all care settings. Through this consultation we are testing and confirming that standard is suitable for those working in pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, ambulance and community services. 

The consultation process

  • We invited health and care professionals and service users to complete our nationwide survey to determine the breadth of information professionals currently access and would like to access in the future and the type of information that people who use services want and expect those caring for them to view and access.
  • Our workshops were for for health and care professionals working in community services, individuals who use services, system supplier colleagues, informaticians and others with a vested interest in quality information for health and care. In these workshops we looked at case studies and asked participants to feedback on the information that would be most important to access if delivering care in those scenarios. The first workshop included optometry focused scenarios, where the person also requires involvement from pharmacy, ambulance and community services. The second workshop included dental focused scenarios, where the person also requires involvement from pharmacy, ambulance and community services.

Feedback from our survey and workshops will be published with the final report.

For more information 

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