Suppliers recognise that partnership with PRSB shows their commitment to implementing standards and they tell us it differentiates them in the market. They work closely with us and our rapidly growing network and community to improve the standards and take an active role in the conversation, at the forefront of setting the agenda. 




everyLIFE is committed to ensuring that PASS, its leading digital care planning software, continues to help care providers deliver high quality care. To that end, we are delighted to be part of the PRSB partnership scheme.

We support the development and adoption of appropriate standards for social care and firmly believe in enabling PASS to integrate with relevant health and care IT systems in line with our goal of ensuring the right information is in the right hands, at the right time.


Conformance status

SystemPASS care monitoring application
Standard assessedDigital care and support plan
Date achievedSeptember 2021
Standard assessedAbout Me
Date achievedSeptember 2021


PRSB creates standards for interoperability across health and social care, and we hope our involvement will help to ensure that the needs of social care are taken into account.

Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring is the most widely-used digital care management system within social care. We have supported thousands of care homes on the their digital journey and are proud to be leading the way to connecting health and social care and working with PRSB to drive data standards.


Conformance status

Name Person Centred Software
Standard assessed About me
Version 1.0
Level attained 3
Date achieved August 2021


Nourish Care was the first provider to become a Quality Partner with the PRSB, and we worked closely with them to define these new standards which are incredibly important as we strive towards greater interoperability within the health and social care sector. 

With more care providers switching to digital care management than ever before, Nourish feels it is so important that we begin to define a set of standards to ensure everyone receives the highest quality of care, but we also know that these standards are not set in stone, and they will continue to evolve to meet the needs of care providers and those they support.

“For us, being a PRSB Quality Partner means having a commitment to supporting the care sector in making the most of digital, making care personal, using tools that are empowering, enabling social care to achieve readiness to operate as part of integrated systems of care provision alongside their partners in health, in a landscape where key information is shared to improve outcomes for people”
Founder, Nuno Almeida


Conformance status

Name Nourish Care Systems LTD
Standard assessed Digital care and support plan
Version 1.1
Level attained 2
Date achieved May 2021
Standard assessed About Me
Version 1.0
Level achieved 3
Date achieved May 2021

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