Bringing together clinical experts, health and social care professionals and system providers to share knowledge.

All partners, as part of their PRSB Quality Partnership membership, have the benefit of access to a series of online workshops and masterclasses. Find out about our upcoming events below and you can see our past events here.

The PRSB Annual General Meeting

Highlighting PRSB’s achievements in 2020 and our current and future standards portfolio of work. The emphasis will be on key projects in social care, person-centred care and our role in driving standards adoption.

Speakers include:
CEO and Chair of PRSB
Clinical partners, patients and citizens
who play a key role in developing our standards

Date: 23 September 2021
Time: 10-12:30pm 2021
Location: Online

Person centred planning

Join us for a professional masterclass in the Personalised Care and Support Plan standard to improve care planning.

Speakers include clinical experts and leaders:
Dr Nilesh Bharakhada, PRSB Clinical Director / Clinical lead for personalised
care at Northwest London Collaboration of CCGS
Other speakers tbc

Date: 14 October 2021
Time: 12-1.30pm
Location: Online

Urgent, palliative and end of life standard

This workshop will update partners on the revised EPaCCs standard. Examining additions and changes to the standard, timelines for achieving ISN status as well as implementation delivery plans.

Speakers include clinical experts and leaders:
Speakers TBC

Date: 25 November 2021
Time: 12-1:30pm
Location: Online


Find out more about our upcoming events in 2022

Implementing the core information standard

Join us for an update on implementing the core information standard in shared care records including a PRSB update and case studies from local shared care record programmes.

Local providers and suppliers

Date: January 2022 (date tbc)
Time: 12-1.30pm
Location: Online

The Standards Route Map 2022

Find out more about the detailed plan for our standards in 2022-23. Join us to hear about our vision and help contribute to our standards development going forward.

Speakers include expert and professional leaders:

Date: March 2022 (tbc)
Time: tbc
Location: tbc