Person Centred Software get seal of approval to become PRSB Quality Partner

Despite summer holidays being in full flow, we have had a number of conversations with digital software suppliers who will be joining the scheme in the next few weeks.

We are pleased to report that digital care management system supplier Person Centred Software have graduated to become a PRSB Quality Partner. On making the change, Andrew Coles, Head of Product at Person Centred Software, said “Going through the PRSB Quality Partner process has enabled us to make improvements to the product by building in the prompts and guidance to providers and users to help them complete the About Me information so that not only are they holding the information defined in the standard; they are also given help on how to make sure the quality of the information is robust.”

As we move into Autumn we will continue to expand the scheme and we’re working on an exciting programme of monthly events for our partners. These include webinars on Person Centred Care Planning, Urgent Palliative and End of Life Care Planning, Implementing the Core Information Standard and The Standards Route Map. In the planning stage for next year are workshops our partners have suggested topics for. These cover standards for AI and the role of information standards in supporting interoperability to improve care. Partners are also invited to attend our AGM which is open to anyone to join.

If you’d like to find out more about the PRSB’s Quality Partner Scheme, please visit the PRSB website or email 

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