WoundMatrix becomes a PRSB partner to accelerate its mission to improve outcomes in wound care across the UK

We are pleased to welcome WoundMatrix, a supplier of a wound image capture, measurement and assessment software, as our new partner.

The company has designed its platform in accordance with the National Wound Care Strategy Programme’s guidelines and standards for digital wound assessment platforms, working with the Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust. It enables the instant sharing of people’s wound images and data across different settings, from anywhere in the world, supporting continuity of care and patient outcomes, while improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness associated with wound care.

The PRSB’s Standards Partnership Scheme will help WoundMatrix to meet the standard implementation requirements in the UK, enabling them to achieve interoperability with other electronic healthcare solutions, which will allow professionals to have a complete health record of a patient. This will result in more informed decisions and better outcomes.

Becoming a PRSB partner will enable WoundMatrix to remain up to date with policy on information standards across the four nations of the UK, and conformance assessment with our standards will provide them with the independent evidence to demonstrate their leadership in information standards. WoundMatrix also believes that the PRSB can be a leading voice in shaping an ever-changing landscape in digital health and care by encouraging the adoption of information standards.

Paul Geary, Senior Vice President at WoundMatrix, said: “‘WoundMatrix has listened to the needs of clinicians, Trusts, and the National Wound Care Strategy Programme to create a multi-application digital platform that allows medical professionals, patients, and carers to easily collaborate in order to improve patient care. Achieving compliance with the PRSB’s standards will be an important step in maximising the benefits of our solution and contributing to more efficient and effective wound care in the UK.”

Lorraine Foley, PRSB’s CEO, said: “Having recently published our Wound Care Information Standard working with the National Wound Care Strategy Programme, we understand that there is so much potential for improvement in this clinical area. The use of digital platforms such as WoundMatrix and adopting information standards are the solutions for improving patients’ outcomes and the efficiency of wound care services. I am delighted to welcome WoundMatrix as our new partner and I am looking forward to working together to help deliver on these goals in the near future.”

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