Sharing health and care records with care homes

PRSB is supporting NHS Digital’s Social Care Programme (SCP) which aims to simplify and standardise the information that flows to care homes from other providers of health and care when patients are discharged from hospital.

Working with care home professionals to identify priorities

We are conducting a series of interviews and surveys with care home professionals to identify priorities for what information should flow from hospitals to care homes and provide assurance that the intelligence gained by the SCP is representative of the care home sector.

The research completed so far indicates that care homes are particularly concerned about the lack of information they receive when a resident is discharged from hospital back into their care. The survey seeks to explore this in more detail as well as understand and appreciate communications with other health and social care services in general.

This is a great opportunity for care homes to provide their views on what would help improve communications between care homes and other health and social care organisations in England.


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