Putting our standards into practice

While standards are essential to the facilitation of good care, they must be adopted by clinicians and professionals to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of care.

The PRSB is currently working to define the support we can provide to facilitate implementation, working in partnership with our member organisations, local health and care providers, vendors and professionals.

In addition to specific communications and engagement regarding the e-discharge standard, we’ll be exploring how we can offer practical tools, support and guidance, as well as education and training. The PRSB will be working with local organisations to understand the level of adoption of standards and to find out more about the lessons, challenges and benefits. This research is being undertaken with a view to sharing the lessons learned with professionals seeking to adopt the e-discharge summary and other PRSB standards.

This new phase follows on from last year’s pilot project, when the PRSB was commissioned by NHS Digital to test the proposed approach to supporting implementation. The project ran for five months and focused on implementation of the e-discharge standard, working primarily with Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of Physicians (London) and Royal College of GPs. The overall aim of the project is to create a cultural shift in health and social care to accept standards as the norm.

Got to our putting standards into practice project page for more information on this project and to access toolkits.


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