PRSB welcomes ECCO Solutions as a new partner

ECCO Solutions, an award-winning system for management, delivery, reporting and auditing of care, has become the latest PRSB partner.  

Accelerating the adoption of information standards across the care system is key to its mission. Accurate data can save lives, transforming care through the clarity that standards bring to information that supports care and helps information flow where it is needed for personalised care. This is where ECCO perceives the value of the PRSB partnership, along with creating effective relationships and collaborations in the sector, which contribute to better outcomes for care users.  

Being a PRSB partner will help ECCO Solutions demonstrate to its customers that they can use the company’s services with confidence to help them meet the needs of care professionals. The PRSB Standards Partnership Scheme helps system suppliers meet the operational and quality requirements of frontline services, always with the needs of the client at the centre.  

ECCO Solutions believes that sharing information for care between systems will be far more achievable with the adoption of PRSB standards across the sector, because they provide access to accurate, real-time data that promotes consistently high-quality care. 

The team is looking forward to working on achieving conformance against the Core Information Standard, Personalised Care and Support Plan Standard, and About Me.  

Jo Eaton, Customer Account Manager at ECCO Solutions, said: “We are delighted to begin our partnership with PRSB, and look forward to working together on achieving a Quality Mark for conformance against information standards to support our customers in achieving the highest quality of care and support.” 

Lorraine Foley, PRSB’s CEO, commented: “Improving the management and delivery of care and support services through digital solutions and information standards is the way forward. I am pleased to welcome ECCO Solutions as our latest partner and work with them to achieve their goals to transform care. It is wonderful to hear about the ECCO Solutions team’s enthusiasm for working towards conformance against our standards – PRSB’s assessors are looking forward to supporting ECCO Solutions in this endeavour.” 

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