PRSB welcome TPP and RIX to the Standards Partnership Scheme

With the ambition to improve clinical access and empower patients, joining the Standards Partnership Scheme was a natural step for TPP. Rix Research and Media also joined the Scheme this month, with the aim of enabling person-centred care for people with learning disabilities.

TPP is now entering its landmark 25th year since being founded by Frank Hester OBE and provides critical clinical IT services to more than a third of acute mental health trusts and over 2,600 GP practices around the world, serving 250,000 users and providing full medical records to 2.5 million patients. With this extensive work practice, the need to improve information sharing through adoption of standards is essential to TPP’s work and they plan to begin looking at PRSB’s eDischarge summary standard, emergency care standard and outpatient letters standard.

You can read the press release in full here.

Also in March, PRSB was delighted to welcome RIX Research and Media to the Scheme, who join us as a technology firm specialising in the development of digital tools for the benefit of people with intellectual disabilities. The company works from the RIX Centre at the University of East London to create their innovative and accessible multimedia software tools in collaboration with the people that use them. RIX sees standards as a critical part of helping the health and care system engage better with people with disabilities, enabling their information to be shared with them and their care professionals from their own digital devices.

You can read our press release in full here.

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